Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Holidays are coming.....

Hello, how are you all? Well the holidays must be coming as the Coca-Cola advert is being screened reminding us all. How is the Christmas shopping going??? I am surprisingly organised this year, which is not like me at all.
Mind you I have to be organised really, as my Sister has had a big operation today bless her and is going to need all the help she can get bless her. So all hands on deck!!! Will be spending alot of time with her, you never know I might make a crafter out of her yet.
Just thought I would show you this little Christmasy box I made and some mini cards to go inside it. There are 6 little cards inside 2 each of 3 designs. I really enjoyed making it. Don't want to part with it now though. Anyway it's getting late so I shall say goodnight and God bless to you all. Thanks for looking, love and hugs, Lou. X


  1. Hi Lou, wow wow wow, you have been busy, and what a gorgeous selection. hugs chris xx

  2. I agree with Chris they are gorgeous. I am not prepared at all. Unfortunately think all my cards will be brought this year. Hugs Nicola