Thursday, 27 May 2010

A little birdie told me......


Goodness where has the day gone today, been lovely weather, quite warm too. Was hoping to get a card made this evening, but been to visit a friend who has just come back off holiday, was lovely to see her and have a good catch up. There is always tomorrow evening, especially if there is football on.

Made this card last week, it is about 3.5x3.5". I used the little Hero Art sparkle set ' A little birdie told me', I think it is a really sweet set. When you open the card it has a detatchable bookmark. Made this for my sister Wendy, she is going on her hols to Tunisia on Sunday, so she has a bookmark now for her book. She will be reading poolside whilst sun bathing. I'm not jealous (much). Ha. Enjoy Wen.

Well will sign off now, hope this post finds you all well, thank you all for your lovely comments over the past few days and for making me feel so welcome here in blogland. See you all soon. Lou. X

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Great Friend

Hi there,

Where has all that lovely sunshine gone this morning? Hope it won't be too long before it returns, especially as it's bank holiday this weekend and the children will be off for Whitsun.

I always know when summer has arrived, as Bourne outdoor pool opens this weekend, that is always a sign that summer is here. Spent most of my summers down at the pool. What great fun and great memories.

Anyway getting back to the title of this post 'great friend', made this little card, it is little too, think it is only 3x3" for my friend Betty, she is such a great friend to me, and more like a Mum to me really. She is always there for me, bless her, and has been especially this year, having had a difficult start to the year and knowing I have got some difficult and worrying times ahead. Bless you Betty, Brian and i love you to bits.

I know a 3x3 card doesn't sound very big to give to someone with such a big heart, but she always loves the smaller cards. So this one is for you Betty.

I used the fleur de lys embossing folder for the background, a couple of Hero Art flowers, and the sentiment was from Hero Arts too. Anyway hope this post finds you all well. Till next time, thanks for stopping by. Lou. X

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Good Morning


It certainly is a good morning, lovely weather again, birds are singing and I logged onto my blog and found that I have my first follower, the lovely Louise Roache. Thanks Lou.

Thought I would upload another card to share with you, it's a box card. I saw this idea and liked it and thought I would make one. I do like making different styles and shapes of cards. I especially like making small cards too.

Anyway this is my box card, I mainly used Hero Art stamps on this project. I must say I really do love Hero Art stamps, they are one of my favourites. Hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by. Lou. X

Monday, 24 May 2010


Hi there,

This is my first post on my blog, hope to be adding more posts and upload some of my cards to my blog too. I am so excited to finally have a blog, people have been asking me for a while now to get blogging, so here I am. Anyway I will try and upload one of my most recent cards which I made for my sister Wendy and her husband Ian's wedding anniversary. Here goes..........Gosh it worked. Well will upload more posts and pics in the coming days. Thanks for stopping by. Lou. X